Cummare's Authentic Italian Pizza

  Cheese                      Italian Sausage        Ham                    Mushrooms          Bacon
  Canadian Bacon       Hamburger               Green Peppers     Red Onions         Black Olives
  Green Olives             Anchovies                 Shrimp                 Provel Cheese    Pineapple
  Jalapeno                   Artichoke Hearst        Fresh Tomato      Spinach              Pepperoncini
 Cheddar Cheese

Cummare’s Gourmet Specialty Pizza
              (Deluxe Pizza)  
A tasty combination of Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, red onions and mozzarella.

~ Aloha Pizza~
This taste of Hawaii includes mozzarella, Canadian bacon and succulent pineapple.

 ~Quattro Formaggi~
(Cheese Lovers)
A wonderful blend of mozzarella,    provel, cheddar and parmesan cheese.

   A pizza pocket filled with your    favorite choice of two  toppings 

(Super Deluxe Pizzas)

~Super Deluxe~
A super deluxe combination of Italian sausage, hamburger,   pepperoni, mushroom, green peppers, onions, green and black olives, bacon, ham and mozzarella.

A delicious combination of mozzarella, spinach, mushroom, green and black olives, onions and fresh tomato.

 ~Gusto Mio~
                     (Meat Lovers)
A feast of Italian sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, ham, bacon and mozzarella.

A spicy pizza that will tickle your taste buds with sausage, pepperoni, jalapeňo, pepperoncini peppers, provel, mozzarella and sprinkled crushed red peppers.